​“Thanks so much for the beautiful work you've done on the staircase and the wall unit!  We're so proud of both of them.  It was great to meet you both and get to know you a little.  Please come by and see the finished product.  We hope to be in, in a couple of weeks.  Thanks again.  We will admire your creations for years to come.”

Carolyn & Charles Glenn
West Plains, Missouri

“Thank you for the beautiful stairs.  We are very pleased with your work.  Feel free to give our name and phone number for a reference.  I really think you should have your autograph in the bottom step!
Thank You!”

Gary & Annette Nichols
Eminence, Missouri

“Tom and Gail Rowley of Riverwood Stair Company did remodeling and contracting work for me, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.  Not only is their work excellent but so is their work ethic. 
I felt confident at all times that I knew exactly what they would be doing because they had taken the time to explain each step to me in detail.  And I was able, with their help, to make correct decisions.  It was a delight to see my dreams take shape!
I should add that a substantial addition to my house and a kitchen remodel was accomplished while I was still living in the house, and they were very conscious and respectful at all times of my need for a comfortable living environment while work was in progress.
I truly believe that their skill, creativity, honesty, integrity, pride in work and respect for the needs of the client is without equal.”

Millicent Kalil
Willow Springs, Missouri

"Riverwood Stair Co. has over the years done excellent work for me. Tom is a true artisan. They provide friendly, professional service. I recommend Riverwood Stair to all my customers."

Bill Oakley 
Oakley Construction L.L.C.
Caulfield, Missouri

Riverwood Stair Company ~ Natural Beauty ~ Exceptional Craftsmanship

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Testimonials for Riverwood Stair Company's Work

Excellence in Craftsmanship

“Our staircase is just the most beautiful piece of work.  It's the centerpiece of our home.  Tom and Gail Rowley did a great job, and all the fun was in watching them build it.  Tom laid out the dimensions on the sub-floor and then we discussed how it would lay and where it would run.  He gave me some options for different ideas.  It came out beautifully!”

Steve Privette
Willow Springs, Missouri

“As a builder and developer, we have used Tom numerous times to construct custom stairs in our homes.  Tom builds quality well designed stairs, he is a master craftsman, and his stairs are a real work of art.”

Harold And Glenna Hall

Rolla, Missouri

“We inherited a staircase that had some serious problems.  The top stair was shallower than all the others, only about 5 to 6 inches high, and the bottom step was deeper than the others.  It was about 9 inches high.  In addition, the stairs themselves were too narrow.  It was uncomfortable to walk on these stairs.  We found out about Tom Rowley and called him to see what he could do.  He was able to make each stair even in height, and widen the treads so they were comfortable to walk on, all without any major demolition involved.  The work was done quickly and meticulously.  Tom was able to transform a construction liability into a beautiful asset to our home.  I can't say enough about what Tom did for us.  He's my staircase hero!”

Cay & Mark Miller
Willow Springs, Missouri

“Riverwood Stair Company built our stairway and our atrium railing.  We highly recommend Riverwood Stair Company, Mr. Rowley, for the following reasons:  superior craftsmanship, professionalism , commitments kept, attention to detail, open communication.

​We could not have been more pleased with our stairway and atrium railing.  The quality of Riverwood Stair Company's work is outstanding.  We think that Mr. Rowley is a true craftsman.  He partnered with us to create a product that is both beautiful and strong.  In addition, Mr. Rowley kept us informed every step of the way and met his commitments to us with respect to time and costs.”

Paris and Shirley Amend
West Plains, Missouri

“We love our railing and the wonderful craftsmanship you put into it. Hopefully we’ll never move and build again, but if we do, we’ll definitely call on you. It was great to get reacquainted with you again. Keep up the great work! A true work ethic and talent such as yours are rare these days, so we appreciate all you do! Thanks again on a job very well done.
Respectfully Yours,”
Mammoth Springs, Arkansas