Plan ahead. Try to make your stair decisions when your house is being framed, or if being remodeled, before the project begins.

Make sure to allow enough room for a proper stairway in your plans. This is a common problem.  People who don’t install finished staircases usually don’t understand how to frame them properly.  Once a house is drywalled, it’s often expensive or very difficult to repair mistakes.  If you’re not sure that your ideas will work, consult a stair professional.

Stair parts are expensive -- make sure whoever is ordering parts and installing them knows what they’re doing.

Keep in mind that some municipalities enforce stair code requirements that specify such things as step rise and run, baluster spacing, handrail height and headroom height.  Most stair codes make stairs safer as well as more comfortable to use.

Budget ahead if you can.  Good stair work can be costly, but it pays off for years to come.  Planning ahead will help you avoid mistakes and have more choices in designs and styles that reflect your home and yourselves.

Tom Rowley, Owner


“A staircase is a welcoming center point in the home, and should bring lasting beauty and safety to all who use it.”  

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